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The Hickory Playground has donated more than $25,000 since our founding in 2016, and we are excited to be able to donate an additional $12,000 in the 2019/2020 academic year. Our primary area of financial support is arts education in public schools in Catawba County, North Carolina — if you are looking for funding in that area, scroll down! If you are looking for financial support for other projects, please click here for the Project Proposals application (pending while we rebuild the site). If you are looking to contact us for something other than financial support, please click here for our contact page (pending while we rebuild the site).

Hickory Playground defines “arts education in public schools” as anything that arts educators within public schools in Catawba County, NC see as a necessary component of their students’ holistic, well-rounded arts education. As an example: this does not include utilizing funds to redecorate a teacher’s or administrator’s office, but it might include utilizing funds to redecorate a chorus room, a theatre space, etc.

Holistic arts education, as all art educators know, is among the most important components of any students’ education. The Hickory Playground believes in the abilities of teachers to understand their students and their students’ needs. Hickory Playground funding has been utilized to purchase musical equipment, to pay for choir trips, to purchase rights for musicals, to assist in the advertising of high school theatre performances, to assist in the purchasing of props and theatrical equipment, and more. We are eager to support holistic, well-rounded arts education in Catawba County, and we trust Catawba County arts educators to do a fantastic job with the limited resources we can provide. If you have any concerns about your department’s or school’s usage of Hickory Playground funding, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The deadline for the application for a Hickory Playground Public School Grant is Friday, November 22, 2019.

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Outline the way(s) you would utilize financial support from the Hickory Playground. Make sure to include a detailed explanation of the estimated cost of your project(s) -- if the cost is greater than the amount requested, include both your other sources of funding AND explain what you will do with the funding if you do not raise enough money. Failure to follow the above directions will result in a lack of funding from the Hickory Playground.